Past lab members

Dr Robert Cope

Post-doctoral Research Associate
Robert was an ARC Discovery Project research associate working on 'Transport risk pathways for emerging invasive species'. Robert is now an ARC Research Associate in the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Thomas Prowse

Post-doctoral Research Associate
Thomas was an ARC Discovery postdoc working on meta-modelling of ecological, evolutionary and climatic systems dynamics. Tom is now an NHMRC Research Fellow in the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Sally Scrivens

Research Assistant
Sally was a research assistant working on several projects in the IEG lab: (1) developing knowledge and tools to inform integrated management of Spencer Gulf; (2) feasibility assessment for the management of the Barbary dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea) in Australia; and (3) patterns of selectivity in introductions of mammal species worldwide.

Pieter Arnold

PhD Candidate
(Co-supervised at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
What makes a good invader? The evolution of physiological and behavioural traits benefiting dispersal at the invasion front.

Melanie Crossley

Honours Student
The efficacy of wild-dog control in the South Australian pastoral arid lands.

Freyja Watters

Honours Student
The impacts and management of an overabundant koala population on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Su Shan

PhD Candidate
(Co-supervised at Institute of Zoology, London)
Prayer Animal Releases in Taiwan: an analysis of an Eastern pathway to biological invasions.

Ellie Dyer

PhD Candidate
(Co-supervised at University College London, UK)
A global study of the richness, spread and impacts of exotic birds.

Adam Cardilini

PhD Candidate
(Co-supervised at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia)
Determining genetic and phenotypic variation of a successful invasive species within Australia, the common starling, Sturnus vulgaris.

Dr Miquel Vall-llosera Camps

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Miquel was an Invasive Animals CRC postdoc working on vertebrate risk analyses and invasion pathway modellling.