Current lab members

Details on our fabulous past lab members can be found here

Associate Professor Phillip Cassey

Lab Supervisor
Phill is an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide. Google Scholar Profile.

If you are looking for Phill Cassey the oologist, please click here.

Talia Wittmann

Research Assistant/Lab Manager
Talia is an ARC Discovery Project research assistant working on 'Transport risk pathways for emerging invasive species'.

Pablo Garcia Diaz

PhD Candidate
(Funded through the Invasive Animals CRC)
Exotic vertebrate risk analysis and invasion pathway modelling.

Antonia Dalziel

PhD Candidate
The persistence of avian influenza in the South Australian environment and the potential role of invasive mammals for additional surveillance. Duckwatch!

Jack Tatler

PhD Candidate
What environmental variables drive the habitat selection, movement patterns and behaviour of dingoes in an arid environment? How do they behaviourally thermoregulate and what are their physiological limitations?

Sarah Heinrich

PhD Candidate
Quantitative assessment of the illegal global trade of pangolin species from Southeast Asia and Africa.

Amy Iannella

PhD Candidate
(Funded through the Invasive Animals CRC)
The role of rabbit and virus genetics in the development of resistance to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV).

Shannon S. Lauchlan

PhD Candidate
(Co-supervised by Ivan Nagelkerken in the Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories)
Human vs climate change effects on estuarine fish and shellfish communities and productivity.

Freyja Watters

PhD Candidate
Analysing wildlife trafficking and crime in Southeast Asia.

Chandran Pfitzner

Masters student
(Co-supervised by Paul Thomas)
Control of invasive mammals by investigating the effectiveness of population-level genetic engineering using a CRISPR/Cas9 gene drive in mice.

Rachel Su Yi McLean

Masters student
(Co-supervised by Matthew Roughan & Joshua Vincent Ross)
Methods for combating the global illegal pangolin trade.

Jacob Maher

Honours student
Jacob is an honours student studying the conservation value of zoos in regards to the representation and management of species in ex-situ collections through time.

Adam Toomes

Honours student
Distribution of Cunningham's skink in the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges and vulnerability to harvesting.

Mark Laws

Honours student
Seasonal variation in fox bait uptake and the effects of perturbations and bait delivery method at Gluepot Reserve, South Australia.

Ellen Freeman

Honours student
(Co-supervised by Jeremy Austin in the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD))
Diet of wild deer in South Australia.

Affiliated Title Holders

We are pleased to acknowledge the external University of Adelaide affiliated title holders currently working in our lab

Dr Rebecca Boulton

Visiting Research Fellow
Conservation Biologist who studies behavioural and breeding biology of threatened bird species to help identify and manage key threatening processes.

Dr Nina Schwensow

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Nina is an ARC Early Career fellow working on molecular genetic adaptive processes in natural co-evolution between rabbits and the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus.

Dr Dave Ramsey

Visiting Research Fellow
Dave is a senior scientist at the Arthur Rylah Institute in Melbourne where he works on systems modelling and population dynamics of vertebrate pests.

Dr Golo Maurer

Conservation Partnerships Manager for BirdLife Australia

Dr Ron Sinclair

Wildlife biologist and invasive species expert

Prof Tim Blackburn

Visiting Professorial Fellow
Macroecologist and Invasive species specialist.