Current Lab Members

Associate Professor Phillip Cassey

Lab Supervisor

Phill is Associate Head of the Department of Ecology & Evolution in the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide.

If you are looking for Phill Cassey the oologist, please click here.

Talia Wittmann

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

Talia oversees the lab's research project activity; assisting with scientific data management, grant writing, publication and research translation. Talia curates and maintains the lab's digital communication platforms and provides general administrative and teaching support.

Jack Tatler

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Dr Thomas Prowse)

Jack is collaborating with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to investigate how the spatiotemporal movement patterns, resource utilisation and resource selection by dingoes are driven by environmental and meteorological variables.

Sarah Heinrich

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Associate Professor Joshua Vincent Ross & Dr Christopher R Shepherd)

Sarah is quantitatively assessing the illegal global trade of pangolin species from Southeast Asia and Africa.

Amy Iannella

PhD Candidate

(Funded through the Invasive Animals CRC)

Amy is investigating the role of rabbit and virus genetics in the development of resistance to rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV).

Shannon S. Lauchlan

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Professor Ivan Nagelkerken)

Shannon is researching human vs climate change effects on estuarine fish and shellfish communities and productivity.

Freyja Watters

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Associate Professor Joshua Vincent Ross)

Freyja is analysing wildlife trafficking and crime in Southeast Asia.

Chandran Pfitzner

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Professor Paul Thomas)

Chandran is investigating the effectiveness of population-level genetic engineering using a CRISPR/Cas9 gene drive in mice for the control of invasive mammals.

Rachel Su Yi McLean

Masters Student

(Co-supervised by Professor Matthew Roughan & Associate Professor Joshua Vincent Ross)

Rachel is developing mathematical network models for combating the global illegal pangolin trade.

Ellen Freeman

Honours Student

(Co-supervised by Associate Professor Jeremy Austin)

Ellen is investigating the diet of wild deer in South Australia.

Adam Toomes

Honours Student

Adam is modelling the distribution and abundance of one of the most threatened lizards in South Australia: Cunningham's Skink.

Mark Laws

Honours Student

Mark is investigating the seasonal variation in fox bait uptake and the effects of perturbations and bait delivery method in South Australia.