Current Lab Members

Phill Cassey

Lab Supervisor

Phill is Head of the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology in the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide.

For more information please see my bio HERE.

Aysegul Birand

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Aysegul is interested in ecological or evolutionary questions that she can write equations, and/or some code for. She is currently modelling gene-drive strategies for population suppression.

Micha V Jackson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Micha is passionate about finding ways to conserve and provide habitat for wildlife in coastal landscapes dominated by human activity. She is currently working on assessing waterbird habitat quality in the Coorong (SA) through the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin project.

Rowan Mott

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Rowan likes discovering why animals occur where they do and why. He uses tiny tracking devices to follow the movements of birds to learn what features of their habitats they rely on most. Rowan is currently using his skills to unlock the secrets of waterbirds in South Australia's iconic Coorong wetland as part of the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin project.

Thomas Prowse

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Thomas is a quantitative ecologist with a particular interest in understanding and forecasting the dynamics of wildlife populations, and informing the management of threatened species. Thomas uses data and models to address applied ecological questions in the fields of wildlife management, fisheries, conservation biology and disease ecology. Very occasionally he is sighted doing fieldwork.

Bec Boulton

Visiting Research Fellow

Bec undertakes research and monitoring on threatened birds. Current projects include post-fire bird monitoring on Kangaroo Island and acoustic monitoring of Bassian Thrush throughout the Mt Lofty Ranges. She also Chairs the Threatened Mallee Bird Conservation Action Plan Implementation Team, a tri-state project.

Steve Delean


Jacob Maher

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

Jacob is investigating the illegal online trade in declared plant species funded by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions. His PhD research focuses on the conservation risks and social aspects of the plant trade.

Brayden Hunt

Research Assistant

Adam Toomes

PhD Candidate

Adam is using automated data collection methods to investigate links between the online wildlife trade and the introduction of alien species in Australia.

Katie Hill

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by John Tyler)

Katie is adapting and creating forensic technologies to trace the origins of animals in illegal wildlife trade.

Meryl Theng

PhD Candidate

Meryl is testing and developing occupancy and abundance models for multispecies camera trap surveys. This knowledge will be applied to a mammal community assessment to understand local-scale trade-offs between biodiversity and carbon preservation in tropical Southeast Asia.

Freyja Watters

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Associate Professor Joshua Vincent Ross)

Freyja is analysing wildlife trafficking and crime in Southeast Asia.

Matt Bowie

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Dr Timo Dietrich & Prof Lian Pin Koh)

Matt Bowie is researching how human behaviour change theory and tools can be applied to conserve biodiversity with a focus on sustainable coffee.

Shannon S. Lauchlan

PhD Candidate

(Co-supervised by Professor Ivan Nagelkerken)

Shannon is researching human vs climate change effects on estuarine fish and shellfish communities and productivity.

Eilish Thomas

PhD Candidate

Nathan Deliveyne

PhD Candidate

Ruth Cope

Honours Student

Ruth is looking at the suitability of the urban environment for alien Barbary doves in metropolitan Adelaide.